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Lockton provide a full range workers’ compensation services.

We understand that worker’s compensation policies are often the largest premium expense in a companies insurance portfolio. Our specialists work with you to deliver results that drive costs down.This includes analytical tools to assess the viability of various insurance structures from conventional to retro paid loss structures, all the way to self-insurance. In addition, we provide a full suite of claims and injury management services detailed below.

Our Experience

At Lockton, we understand your goals and objectives. Our workers’ compensation experts design insurance programs that reduce costs, and we analyze your loss data to identify the causes that can be most efficiently eliminated.

You benefit from Lockton’s expertise in workers’ compensation:

  • Access to every Australian Market ensures you get the best pricing.
  • State-of-the-art benchmarking services through InfoLock.
  • Alternative risk expertise, including captive consulting and formation.
  • Qualified self-insurance consulting, implementation, administration, design, and placement.
  • Sophisticated analytics designed to take advantage of market trends.
  • Loss forecasting and probability analysis.
  • A full suite of safety services designed to reduce loss costs.

Your Lockton team includes risk management, claims, and safety specialists working with some of the most technical brokers in the industry to deliver results for you.

Lockton’s specialist injury management consultants work to contain the cost of claims on your behalf.”

Our Claims Injury Management Services Include

Level 1

A strategic claims management model where by a qualified Lockton Australia Workers’ Compensation employee augments an organisation’s resources by providing a variety of technical solutions and support to the client’s personnel.

Level 2

Complete outsourced claims and injury management model where by a qualified Lockton Australia Workers’ Compensation employee is in situ in our client’s core operations and assists in all aspects of the medical and injury management of the organisations workers’ compensations claims.

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