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Our Marine specialists offer a wide range of expert services designed to deliver insurance solutions for all types of Marine Hull and Liability risks. Our global position affords us a level of influence that we put to work effectively on the client’s behalf.

We deliver the security and peace of mind expected from a company that enjoys well-established and strong relationships with the world’s most reputable insurers, including Lloyd’s underwriters and leading protection & indemnity clubs.

We provide breadth and depth of experience, gained by working closely with a wide range of clients: major shipowners, marine contractors, institutional investors, port authorities, importers & exporters and owners of superyachts.

Hull & Machinery

We offer specialist experience within a complex and fast moving industry in key areas:

• Hull & Machinery
• Increased Value/Disbursements
• Freight
• Loss of Hire

• War Risks
• Mortgagees Interest & Mortgagees Rights
• Builders Risks.

Protection & Indemnity (P&I)

This unique and complicated marketplace has become essential to shipowners as their world becomes increasingly litigious. We use strong relationships within both the mutual and fixed P&I markets to provide effective cover for risks including:

• Protection & Indemnity
• Freight, Demurrage and Defence
• Strike Delay Expenses

• Trade Disruption
• Fixed Premium Alternatives
• COFRs.

Charterers Liability

• Damage to Chartered Vessel
• P&I/Cargo/Pollution

• Charterers Bunkers
• Cargo Owners Legal Liability.

Marine Liabilities And Associated Risks

Marine Liability placing, servicing and claims expertise covering a broad range of services, including:

General/Contractual Liabilities

• Public and/or contractual third party liabilities
• Bodily Injury/Property Damage
• Including liabilities assumed under contract in relation to marine operations

Ship Repairers Liability

• Third Party Liabilities
• Bodily Injury/Property Damage
• Pollution/Contractual Obligations

Professional Indemnity

• Third Party Liabilities
• Negligence/E&O
• Bodily Injury/Property Damage
• Pollution/Contractual Obligations

Transport Operators Liability

• Loss or Damage to Cargo
• Bodily Injury/Property Damage
• Pollution/Contractual Obligations
• E&O (delay & wrongful delivery)

Financial Products

• Loss of Revenue
• Unavoidable Cancellation of Charter

Marine & Casualty Excess/ Umbrella Liability

• Primary Liability Policies requiring additional coverage

Port & Terminal Operators Liability

• Loss or Damage to Cargo & Vessels
• Third Party Liabilities
• Bodily Injury/Property Damage
• Pollution
• Customs – Fines & Duties
• E&O (delay & wrongful delivery)
• Property/Business Interruption

Cargo & Logistics

Caring for our clients’ worldwide transit and inventory exposures, we are experts at turning our understanding into results that our clients can measure and value.

Stock Throughput

Global “All Risks” cover for raw materials, work in progress and finished stock during transit, manufacture and storage eliminating potential coverage gaps between separate policies.

Trade Disruption

Designed to indemnify the Insured for their net loss resulting from, due to, or in consequence of a named peril which results in the delayed delivery or non-delivery of their goods

War, Terrorism And Political Risks

Transit risks to war zones and areas of conflict incorporating the protection of assets against terrorism, riots, strikes, civil commotions and malicious damage. Incorporating extensions to provide war risks cover while on land and confiscation, nationalisation, expropriation and deprivation.

Excess Stock

Providing a layer or layers of additional coverage above the primary policy designed to come into play for catastrophic losses at high value locations.

Global Transit Risks

Comprehensive “All Risks” coverage for goods in transit by land, sea or air, anywhere in the world.

Governmental Rejection

Covering the risks of rejection or condemnation by the government of the country of import or their agencies or departments.

Automobile Physical Damage

A comprehensive policy form incorporating coverage in the event of an insured’s vehicle being damaged, destroyed or lost as a result of fire, theft, vandalism or collision.

Deductible Buy-Down

Brings deductibles down to a more acceptable level when high deductible are being imposed by the primary insurer.

Equipment Physical Damage

Catering particularly to the oilfield and energy business environment, we offer a specialist programme for all operational, transit, storage, lay up and site exposures with options to include loss of use.

Guaranteed Outturn For Bulk Liquids And Cargoes

Covering leakage and/or shortage and/or contamination risks howsoever caused during transit from land tank to land tank anywhere in the world

Motor Truck Cargo

Any transporter of goods assumes responsibility for the cargo taken into his care, custody and control. Coverage applies when the insured is legally liable for loss or damage to the goods while on any truck, trailer or at a scheduled location.

Project Cargo Including Delay In Start Up

Covering replacement and/or repair costs for essential infrastructure items of equipment following loss or damage in the course of transit to the project site plus the loss of anticipated profits and additional finance or other fixed costs incurred resulting from the consequent delay in the start-up date of the project.

Claims Management

Whether the claim is large or small, contentious or non-contentious, the Marine Broking Team provide a claims service that is efficient and effective, so that the right outcome is achieved with minimum fuss and without delay.

Great care is taken to record relevant data, review and feed back results to form an overall risk management strategy.

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