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Lockton’s Employee Protect Insurance

Lockton Australia has created an all-in-one Employee Benefit policy to give you and your employees peace of mind.

Employee Protect is an “All Risks” employee benefits policy that can be tailored to meet your organisations worldwide insurance requirements and compliance obligations.

A Full Range of Solutions

The key benefits of this approach include:

  • Consolidation of various employee policies.
  • Premium savings as a result of administrative efficiency and removal of coverage duplication.
  • Comprehensive and consistent protection for all employees.
  • No confusion for employer as to who, when and where people are covered.
  • Removal of gaps in cover where allowable by law.
  • Single point of contact for employee accident & sickness related risk.
  • Web based claims management system.

The Employee Protect policy takes the stress out of juggling multiple employee policies; all the coverage you require is wrapped up in one powerful and simple policy.”

Our Experience

A company’s most vital asset is its people. In order to attract and retain high quality staff, it is important to have a broad employee benefits package. It is even more important to ensure that in the event of the sickness, accident or death of an employee, that the company is able to fulfil its legal and moral obligations in the most effective and responsive way.

The issue for most companies is that as businesses grow, the issues around employee benefits becomes more and more complex.

Rather than purchasing products based on employee descriptions or where a particular incident occurs, Lockton have simplified an organisation’s employee risks into 4 main categories.


It is critical that any insurance program complies with the legal requirements in each country where the employer operates. This is equally true for employee benefits policies.
The Lockton Employee Protect Policy underwriter, ACE, is a market leader in multinational insurance programs. Where appropriate, ACE is able to facilitate the issuance of local paper in each country ensuring that the policy is compliant on a worldwide basis.

Insurance programs that do not fully comply with local laws of different countries are a major impediment to producing effective cover and can lead to serious penalties for the company.

Effective Claims & Administration Process

Lockton identified that whilst having a market leading employee benefits wording, it was equally as important to reduce administration burdens and simplify the claims process.
The Lockton Employee Protect policy provides a complete service for organisations to manage their administrative requirements and an online portal that provides quick and effective management and monitoring tools for administration and claims.

Cost efficient coverage to give you peace of mind that your employees will receive comprehensive and consistent coverage no matter where they are in the world.”

View our Employee Protect Brochure here

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