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Protect your patients, your people, and your mission

Connected to Your Business Needs

You face complex risk management issues as a healthcare organisation. Lockton specialists help guide you through them.

Our team works to understand your business goals, then builds a program that connects your risk management and employee benefits objectives to your business needs.

Lockton analyses your professional liability/indemnity, executive risks, property, and casualty insurance programs to ensure you have what you need: cost-effective, comprehensive coverage to protect your patients, your people, and your mission.

An industry-leading team of experts focused on the unique risks facing healthcare providers.”

Services Available to You

  • Structuring risk finance programs including captives and risk retention groups (RRGs).
  • Managing claims to mitigate losses.
  • Improving compliance with regulatory bodies.
  • Creating and managing enterprise risk management programs.
  • Improving clinical and worksite safety with programs on blood-borne pathogens, hazard reduction, and safe patient handling.

Managing Health Risks

Health risk factors in your employee population can also affect your company’s bottom line. Turn to Lockton’s employee benefit experts, who can design a program that will help you attract and retain talented workers while managing your healthcare costs.

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