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Reduce your exposures, protect your income, and attract talented workers

Our Expertise

  • Reducing exposures that contribute to food-borne illness, product contamination, reputation damage, and product recall.
  • Structuring business interruption mitigation programs to protect your income flows.
  • Developing fleet safety programs to support your delivery and distribution operations.
  • Improving worksite safety, reducing workers’ compensation costs, and helping injured workers get back on the job sooner through claims cost control.

Connect to Your Business Goals

The headline risks for food processors and distributors never end. Product recall. Food-borne illnesses. Supply chain disruptions. Lockton’s experienced food processing team understands your risks, and we can help you build a risk management and employee benefit program that connects to your business goals.

Lockton’s clients benefit from our relationships with the world’s most reputable insurers. Add our in-house risk management and claim cost control specialists, and you have all the resources you need on a global scale.

Managing Your Health Risks

Health risk factors in your employee population can also affect your company’s bottom line. Turn to Lockton’s employee benefit experts, who can design a program that will help you attract and retain talented workers while managing your healthcare costs.

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