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Caring for our clients’ worldwide transit and inventory exposures, we are experts at turning our understanding into results that our clients can measure and value.


Armoured Car/Cash in Transit

The contractual liability of carriers to customers with interests being cash, coin, cheques, securities, gold and/or all other similar interest in transit/vault/storage.

Comprehensive wordings apply and include fidelity coverage of employees. Lower limits are available for non-armoured transportation in some areas. Application forms are available upon request but information is vital in this volatile class and full background information will be required.


The physical loss or damage to ATMs and or their contents (cash) following visible external damage and forcible entry for contents. Theft of whole machine is covered. Competitive rates can be obtained and all limits are readily available. We would suggest that schedules of less than 100 machines would be uneconomic for all parties.

Bankers Specie/Shippers Interest

The interest of financial institutions or similar whilst their cargos are carried and/or stored by armoured car companies. Cover can include infidelity of owners of carriers. Limits as above are available.

Vault Risks

Short and/or long term storage of high valued goods in secure storage anywhere in the world, full market capacity is available. An application will not be required but full security details are necessary for a firm quotation.

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