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Whether you own property, a construction company or a manufacturing firm, you face potential environmental liabilities. Lockton experts can help manage them. You’ll benefit from our team’s knowledge and guidance in:

  • Contractor’s pollution legal liability policies
  • Site-specific environmental liability coverage
  • Real estate transactional policies
  • Storage tank liability policies

Creative Marketing Approach

To structure your environmental insurance protection, we first work to understand your business goals. Then we develop strategies that connect to those goals.

Your Lockton team will evaluate your current and potential future liabilities before developing a risk transfer plan to give your company financial stability if you experience a loss. With a plan in place, we take a creative approach to marketing and placing coverage – using our experience and relationships with insurance carriers to negotiate the best terms possible.

Lockton’s Environmental Risk Consulting Team is known for solving challenges under pressure”

Specialist Solutions

Our specialists will provide you with solutions to:

  • Board of directors objectives
  • Contract requirements
  • Landlord requirements
  • Lender requirements
  • Regulatory obligations
  • Shareholders’ needs

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