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Our Lockton Portal is a one-stop resource for your insurance needs.

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What are Partner Portals?

Partner Portals are secure websites tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Having this online secure medium for our clients allows them to easily access their insurance information in a user-friendly and organized format. Such information may include account team contact information, claims handling procedures, links to online tools and helpful resources, insurance documentation, and much more.

While our Lockton account teams are always available to service clients one-on-one, we feel the Partner Portals enhance this relationship by offering a one-stop resource for many of our clients’ insurance needs.

General Features

  • A single dashboard organizing a client’s specific insurance information, documentation, and tools.
  • Client-specific information is stored in the respective client’s secure, online portal, accessible anytime and anywhere via the Internet.

Document Sharing and Collaboration

The most updated versions of a client’s documents are immediately available through the portal, ensuring accurate information.  Client request forms are always within easy reach. These can include;

  • Insurance documentation including current policy schedules, assets schedules, and policy wordings
  • Current and historic reports including renewal reports
  • Current and historic Claims information

Resources and Tools

Lockton’s online business tools and newsletters are all accessible through the Partner Portal.

Links relating to a client’s industry, insurance trends and news, carrier information, and other helpful client-specific websites are organized logically on the Partner Portal, making it a centralized location for resources.

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