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There is a very strong claims ethos within Lockton.

Our Claims approach is built upon an inclusive and integrated basis, thus ensuring that our claims specialists have been involved in the programme design well before a major loss occurs. This allows for any potential problems to be addressed before, rather than after the event.

Strategic claims management is essential in handling any loss for our clients, whether on a layered or single policy programme. Of course, our ultimate role in the claims arena is heavily dependent upon the final programme structure, level of self-insured retention and similar considerations but notwithstanding any such factors, we are above all our clients’ advocates in the insurance market.

Our role in claim management is to support and partner your in-house team. We have dedicated teams with expertise and knowledge to work with our Clients to enhance the claims process.

Our objectives are:

  • To manage and resolve claims in the manner which achieves the best result within the shortest possible time frame.
  • To draw on our relationships with insurers and loss adjusters as necessary with the aim of ensuring that our client’s losses are appropriately investigated, reserved and managed to fair and appropriate conclusion.
  • To provide appropriate support, guidance and advice from notification until claim conclusion in a timely, proactive and efficient manner.
  • To provide ‘Claim Services’ (claim analysis reports/claims executive services/claims advocacy/claims consultancy) in accordance with agreed Service Level Agreements with our clients.

Claims Services

  • Claims Advocacy
  • Claims Executive Services
  • Management Information and Claims Analysis
  • Claims Consultancy.

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