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How this ban affecting flights operating out of eight Middle Eastern and North African countries may affect you.

05 April, 2017

Passengers bound for the US or UK who travel from or through certain countries will not be permitted to carry on-board any devices bigger than a smartphone. The newly imposed restrictions are a result of evaluated intelligence indicating that terrorists are in aggressive pursuit of innovative measures to carry out attacks. Laptops have been identified as an item that could harbour explosives capable of devastating destruction.

The ban is currently in effect in both the US and UK, with other countries indicating that they may follow suit shortly.

Electronic items larger than the specified measurements must be transported as checked-in luggage, which increases the risk of theft and/or damage. Planning ahead and taking appropriate measures to protect your items may prevent damage occurring.

How to Minimise your risk exposures

  • Place all electronic devices in strong, padded, and secure cases.
  • Add security measures to all devices such as passwords or fingerprints.
  • Pad valuables carefully within luggage and surrounding them with soft items that will cushion them if the bag is dropped.
  • Ensure your suitcase is sturdy, waterproof, and equipped with locks.
  • Turn equipment off before packing to prevent overheating.

Insurers Response

Lockton Australia have received confirmation from most insurers that they will respond to an incident if the airline deems it mandatory to stow electronic equipment in checked luggage. If you have any queries about your travel insurer and their position on this please contact us.

Many direct insurers have released public announcements on their position. If you have arranged travel insurance directly you must contact your insurer prior to travel to confirm their terms and conditions.

Affected Routes

Under the new rule, which was implemented in March 2017, devices larger than the specified measurements must be transported as checked-in luggage when a passenger is flying to the US or UK from airports across the Middle East and North Africa. There are varying restrictions between the US and UK, please check with your airline prior to travel to see if your route is affected.

Restricted Countries as at 4 April 2017:

Items affected by the ban

The cabin luggage ban covers all electronic items with built-in batteries and plugs that are larger than 16cm long, 9.3cm wide or 1.5cm deep.


Please contact us for further information on how this may affect your policy.

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